Our Team

Churches are places where every believer has a part to play in church family life. Within that, though, some of us are supported so that we can give more of our time to looking after God's people.

Pictured above, from left to right:
Mark Aldham, Kirsten Guthrie, Sabrina Walsh, Chris Huntley, Jeremy Hobson


Jeremy Hobson


As a teenager, Jeremy knew that there was something different about Christians, and took advantage of a seemingly too-good-to-be-true offer of forgiveness through Jesus. Coming up to medical school in London, he met other Christians who showed him what it was like to take God seriously. He retrained for ministry at a Oak Hill in North London, close to the hospital where he used to work. Now married with teenage kids, he's amazed that his day job involves teaching the same Bible about which he was once so skeptical.

Kirsten Guthrie

Women's Worker

Kirsten was privileged to grow up in a Christian home and decided to trust her life to Jesus at a summer camp. She's grateful for God’s patience over the years as she gets to grips with what it means to trust Jesus each day. Having spent 10 years researching everything from cars to cats to consumer trends, she trained at the Cornhill course, while being an apprentice at Trinity. Now she has the joy of spending her time sharing Jesus, supporting and training women at Trinity and beyond.


Mark Aldham

Ministry Trainee

A part-time maths teacher, Mark spends the rest of his week teaching the Bible and getting involved in the children's work.

Chris Huntley

Ministry Apprentice

Born and bred in Islington, Chris is studying at the Cornhill Training course while serving the church family as a Trinity apprentice.

Sabrina Walsh


As well as being a Mum and part-time accountant, Sabs helps the office run smoothly and keeps an eye on church finances.  


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