Jesus Christ stands at the centre of Christianity. A historically important figure whom few doubt actually existed, many of his words are written down in the four gospel accounts of his life. In these accounts, he claims to be God's son, the way to be forgiven, and someone who will return from death. More than that, he says that he is the way to know God, and the key to human meaning and purpose.

If you're interested in reading more about those claims, the website has some articles looking at the person of Jesus, the historical evidence behind the Bible, and the reasons that Christians consider Jesus to be a person worth trusting.

If you're interested in coming to a one-off event introducing Christianity, then get in touch and we'll send you some details.

Or if you'd appreciate the chance to meet up and discuss the ideas surrounding Christianity, we regularly run something called Christianity Explored. Over the course of six weeks, it's a time where people who have questions about Christianity, life and faith, meet together to chat and debate. It's completely informal and no question whatsoever is out of bounds.

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