Everyone comes to Trinity at different stages, and none of us is the finished article. Maybe you're wondering whether Christianity is true at all. Maybe you believe, but you don't know how to grow. Or maybe you're looking to be trained and to serve. Here's how to connect with what's going on at Trinity, whoever you are.


Christianity Explored

It's easy to go through life without stepping back and looking in a grown-up way at the claims of Jesus Christ. If that's you, then perhaps you'd consider taking just six evenings to see who Jesus was, expressed in his own words from the Bible. It's low on pressure, high on interesting content, and you can either bring your questions or sit and listen, depending on how you feel. 

If you're interested then get in touch here. Because everyone needs the opportunity to explore Christianity for themselves once in a while.

Sundays and Tuesdays

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to connect with God through his word. That's the way that we come to love the good news about Jesus Christ that the Bible calls the gospel, and become more united with other Christians as a result.

Sunday afternoons (4 for 4.30pm) and Tuesday evenings (7.30pm during term-time) are the main times to do that. Because we want the Bible to tell its own story, we work through books of the Bible week-by-week, thinking about what God is saying and how it can transform our lives. Every month or so, we put our small groups on pause and pray together, too. The more often people commit, the more they tend to feel a part of the Trinity church family.




You'll find plenty going on for children and young people at Trinity Church Islington to help them grow, too.

Pre-schoolers get a warm welcome in our supervised crèche, which runs on a Sunday during the service, and also at the StoryCorner group for toddlers and carers on a Wednesday morning. Children at school also get to take part in age-appropriate Sunday groups, with Bible teaching, craft and songs to get them listening to God and growing in their love for him. And teenagers meet before the service with their leaders at 4.15pm to look at the sermon passage. Then they dive in to join the service around 4.45pm.

From time to time - particularly at Christmas and Easter - everyone stays together on a Sunday for a family service. As well as that, the crèche room has a live video feed so that if you can't make it back into the service, you can still keep up with what's going on.

And because we know how important child protection is, all of the leaders are regularly trained and DBS checked too.

If you would like to find out more about child protection, please look at our Safeguarding Policy, available here.


Much more besides

There are all kinds of other things going on at Trinity, from weekends away to street fetes, invitation events and an apprenticeship scheme. If you're interested to know more, sign up for our weekly email, or get in touch here.